“Having just watched Apple’s latest Worldwide Developer Conference, it struck me how clearly the days of Steve Jobs-type presentations are over,” Michael Yoshikami writes for CNBC. “Jobs was an iconic figure and many have been hoping that someone would emerge to replace this visionary. That won’t be the case. Tim Cook isn’t Steve Jobs and he knows it. Get used to it!”

“But here’s the thing critics are missing: Great companies are rooted in great teams,” Yoshikami writes. “Is it possible that Jobs’ real legacy is having constructed a culture and training system that helps create the next generation of leadership at Apple?”

MacDailyNews Take: Oui, il est. (Excuse our French.)

“Despite the absence of Jobs, there is still a wealth of talent at Apple,” Yoshikami writes. “It struck me watching this latest event that perhaps Cook’s perspective on how to run Apple going forward is to operate the business the way Warren Buffett operates Berkshire Hathaway: Delegate to others and hold them accountable. Trust others that they have valid visions and let them contribute to the overall corporate goals of Apple. A team approach; less focus on one person.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We prefer to think Cook is managing like Jimmy Buffett, a very successful businessman in his own right, but a lot more with it than Warren.