“Apple’s failure to launch a new product in the last 12 months has seen its brand value fall by 20% to $148 billion (£87.6bn) as Google climbs 40% to overtake Apple as the world’s most valuable brand,” David Gilbert reports for IB Times.

“Apple had held the top spot on the Millward Brown Brandz ranking for the last three years, but the lack of a major new product announcement in the last 12 months – aside from updates to its iPhone and iPad ranges – has seen Apple seem stale in comparison to some of its rival,” Gilbert reports. “‘Whilst Apple remains a top performing brand, there is a growing perception that it is no longer redefining technology for consumers, reflected by a lack of dramatic new product launches,’ the report says.”

Gilbert reports, “Google jumped to the number one spot thanks to the launch of products such as Google Glass, its continued domination of Android in the smartphone business and the company’s continued development of driverless cars.”

MacDailyNews Take: Is it really “domination” when Apple’s iPhone takes 87.4% of the mobile phone industry profits? In reality, Android’s one big claim to fame, it’s so-called “domination” (unit or, more commonly, market share) is nothing more than failing to make it up in volume.

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MacDailyNews Take: If Apple had an effective (or even just a functional) PR department, instead of a collection of mutes headed by a lame duck, this sort of blatant disinformation would be contained, refuted, and dispatched, not allowed to spread, fester, and seep into the general public’s consciousness thereby negatively affecting Apple’s brand and company reputation.

As for Apple’s so-called “lack of innovation”:
• iPhone was released 5 years, 7 months, and 19 days after iPod.
• iPad was released 2 years, 9 months, and 5 days after iPhone.
• Tim Cook has been Apple CEO for 2 years, 8 months, and 29 days.

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