“In January the Wall Street Journal provided data suggesting larger screen iPhones,” Mark Reschke writes for T-GAAP. “A string of rumors and conjecture have been reported ever since in an attempt to portray a undeniable truth – a larger screen iPhone is coming.”

“Assume for a moment the rumors, the analysts’ expert analysis, and the “upstream supply chain” informants are correct, and that Apple is going to deliver a larger screen iPhone 6,” Reschke writes. “Shouldn’t the question really be about whether Apple will ship a larger screen device beyond a big screen iPhone, such as phablet device?”

“The iPhone, Apple’s most important product, has remained essentially unchanged in screen size. The Android smartphone market has exploded with a variety of screen sizes, while Apple has remained locked into position with a 3.5-inch display, or a slightly elongated 4″ screen, starting with the iPhone 5,” Reschke writes. “An iPhone 6 with a significantly larger screen is on its way, and likely much sooner than many are predicting. The most likely launch time for the arrival of the iPhone 6 is at Apple’s WWDC14, where developers will be able to get in-depth support on how to port current – and develop new – applications for the larger display. Rumors and analysts have been reporting that many components for a new iPhone have been in production as early as January of this year. With components ramping to production long ago, an iPhone 6 in June is nearly a given.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The sooner, the better.

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