“Earlier this week Amazon stepped into the set top box market with Amazon Fire TV. This is a direct competitor to Apple TV, with a few extra features such as a gaming option and a voice control remote,” Mark Reschke writes for T-GAAP.

“Digging into fireTV’s specifications became a difficult task, and it reminded me of a similar problem when Amazon launched their Kindle Fire HD against Apple’s iPad mini,” Reschke writes. “Amazon cherry picked the Kindle Fire HD specifications in a big way, so as to present their tablet as being superior, and cheaper — to the iPad mini. Amazon, receiving negative press, soon capitulated ”

Reschke writes, “Amazon is up to their old games once more, as it is virtually impossible via their website to determine what is an app versus what is a natively shipping app, what resolutions will be available for gaming, and a host of other problematic specifications that seem unobtainable and/or blurred as to what are – or are not”

Read more, and se Amazon’s attempt to deceive, in the full article here.

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