“Apple is suing Samsung in California over ‘slide to unlock,’ but a little-known Swedish touchscreen phone, the Neonode N1m, already had that feature (though Apple’s version undoubtedly has a more elaborate graphical representation) well before the iPhone was launched,” Florian Müller writes for FOSS Patents.

“After Apple sent one of the named inventors on its ‘slide to unlock’ ‘721 patent to the Wall Street Journal for a pretrial story, I figured that it was going to place particular emphasis on this patent because it’s the easiest one of their patents-in-suit to explain and the one with which one can mislead a jury into believing that Samsung ‘copied’ Apple’s patents-in-suit,” Müller writes. “But to me, after 3.5 years of following Apple’s Android litigations on a cross-jurisdictional basis, ‘slide to unlock,’ an invention over which I attended more court hearings and trials than presumably anyone else on this planet, stands for quite the opposite of what Apple’s trial counsel says and implies. The litigation track record of this patent, more than of any other, has over the years changed my perspective on Apple’s Android lawsuits from ‘bullish’ to ‘bearish.’

“Yesterday a few people asked me on Twitter whether or why my attitude towards Apple’s lawsuits has changed recently. I think some of it is attributable to a misperception of what I had been saying over the years. I wasn’t nearly as ‘pro-Apple’ or ‘anti-Android’ as some people made me out to be, but when I said something positive for Apple, it reaffirmed many people’s beliefs, and when I said something positive for Android, it didn’t fit into the picture,” Müller writes. ” Fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt. [Men generally believe what they want to.] Maybe I will list at some point all the “pro-Android” and “anti-Apple” positions I had taken over the years — and the length and the substance of the list would shock a lot of people. But in any event, there are three things I can’t and won’t ignore…”

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