“Why isn’t Samsung in the copier business? After all, who copies technology better than Samsung?” Kate MacKenzie writes for Mac360. “As much as the technorati elite like to think that Google’s Android dominates Apple’s iOS devices, Google isn’t even a major money player in the smartphone and tablet industry. It’s Apple vs. Samsung; the only two truly profitable mobile device manufacturers. Can you guess what Apple has that Samsung has not copied?”

“The Lord knows that Samsung has tried desperately to paint itself and a slew of mobile devices as the new Apple, the innovator and leader of the next great thing. Reality bites, though, and Samsung has failed to generate Apple’s famed profit levels, despite spending as much as 10 times more than Apple marketing the Samsung brand,” MacKenzie writes. “Samsung [also] hasn’t figured out how to capture Apple’s customer loyalty or brand. Apple has sold over 500-million iPhones, and the vast majority of those customers were and are well satisfied with their purchases. Samsung spent millions on TV commercials trying to paint iPhone owners as stupid sheep.”

MacKenzie writes, “Sure, that’s a good way to get an iPhone owner to jump from quality and durability to cheaper plastic.”

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