“In 2012, former iPad engineer Patrick Gibson floated a controversial theory: Google is getting better at what Apple does faster than Apple is getting better at what Google does, and that’s a problem for Apple,” Shane Cole writes for AppleInsider.

“Google’s software prowess has never been in question. They’ve bolstered an already technically formidable hardware team by bringing in a host of ex-Apple employees with the Nest Labs acquisition, including former iPod chief Tony Fadell, and held on to Motorola’s advanced research division when flipping the handset maker to Lenovo,” Cole writes. “Now, with the smart watch-focused Android Wear in tow, Google is set to put that theory to the test.”

“Consumers won’t be snapping photos, playing tiny games of Angry Birds, or surreptitiously browsing Reddit on an Android Wear-powered smart watch. Google tells developers in no uncertain terms that they mean for these devices to augment the world around them, not become the focal point,” Cole writes. “Presuming the iWatch project is real, and the preponderance of evidence suggests that it is, it will mark the first time Apple has entered a market with such significant opposition. Nokia and Motorola couldn’t compete with Apple’s design chops and vertical integration, but Google and their manufacturing partners can match Apple blow-for-blow.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jax44” for the heads up.]