“Yesterday, Apple released the latest beta version of OS X, 10.9.3 to developers. The newly minted code focuses on graphics and audio driver enhancements, finalizing bug-free support for 4k (UHD) displays,” Mark Reschke writes for T-GAAP. “Really? That’s the focus?”

“I can’t help but wonder if the brain trust at Apple is waning in some functional way. How many tens of millions of times have iOS and OS X users wanted to instantly use AirDrop to move a photo or file from their iOS device to their Mac for editing, file storage or emailing a host of recipients with edits?” Reschke asks. “Of course, this isn’t possible, because AirDrop does not currently work between iOS and OS X, nor does it appear to be on the radar of One Infinite Loop’s management crew.”

Reschke wonders, “How can this be? … Apple has dangled this fantastic AirDrop technology in front of us, but has seemingly zero clue about its major missing link. How can the UNIX core, used for both iOS and OS X, which both contain AirDrop, not work together?! It’s nearly mind boggling this wasn’t priority one iOS 7.0.1 and OS 10.9.1.”

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