“Screen protectors: don’t use ’em, don’t want ’em, don’t need ’em,” Lee Hutchinson reports for Ars Technica. “I’ve been rocking a naked smartphone since 2007, and I don’t ever anticipate changing.”

MacDailyNews Take: Naked here, too. Jony didn’t design them to be hidden.

“And yet the screen protector PR pitch that landed in my inbox last week proved difficult to resist: ‘Subject: Preview the bulletproof iPhone? On March 18, Sir Lancelot’s Armor will announce the first reusable screen protectors for iPhones and iPads made of bulletproof glass….If interested in getting a sample to use or test, please let me know the model and color of your iPhone,'” Hutchinson reports. “”

“The only word I needed to hear was ‘bulletproof,'” Hutchinson reports. “According to the company’s press kit, the word ‘bulletproof’ is used because the screen protector is made from ‘tempered bulletproof glass.’ It’s important to note that (subject line of the PR e-mail notwithstanding) the press materials don’t actually say that the screen protector itself is bulletproof—only that it’s made out of bulletproof glass. I’m sure that in sufficient quantity the glass is bulletproof, but the question I was excited to answer was whether or not the Holy Grail screen protector could stand up to live fire.”

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