“Guess who’s been busy talking about Apple again. Yep, Steve Wozniak, more fondly known as Woz, has been discussing the company he helped found with Steve Jobs in yet another interview,” Ashleigh Allsopp reports for Macworld UK. “This time, Woz spoke during a discussion at CeBIT 2014 in Hannover. He spoke about Tim Cook and his role as CEO at Apple, Steve Jobs’ death, innovation, Apple’s cool-factor and more.”

“‘Cook hasn’t been at the helm of Apple for a long enough time. We haven’t seen what new categories of products are being developed secretly. Who knows what’s going on in the company,’ Woz said,” Allsopp reports. “‘Tim Cook is a hard worker and he is very good at execution. I don’t know him too closely, but I’m willing to wait for a longer time,’ [Woz continued].”

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