ProtectCELL’s customer data shows that iPhone users are 86% less likely to need a replacement device compared to other smartphone users. This recent research measures the cause and frequency of mobile replacements for both smartphones and tablets across ProtectCELL’s two-million-plus plans sold.

When comparing the causes for device replacement, research suggests that iPhone users are less likely to break their device, but far more prone to misplacing their phone. According to ProtectCELL, iPhone owners are 11 percent less likely to report a broken or damaged device as compared to other smartphone users, but 65% more likely to request a replacement due to their device going missing.

MacDailyNews Take: Lost? Stolen is more like it. iPhones are more valuable than fragmandroid iPhone knockoffs or any other type of cellphone.

Apple iPhone users 86% less likely to need replacements vs. other smartphone usersProtectCELL’s research also uncovered data demonstrating the growing need for tablet protection plans. Results found that tablet owners in 2013 were nearly 90 percent more likely to submit a replacement request versus tablet users in 2012.

“All of our customers, whether iPhone, smartphone or tablet users, rely on us to quickly and seamlessly replace their devices when they encounter unfortunate luck,” said Scott McLaren, ProtectCELL’s chief marketing officer, in a statement. “Our customers can take solace in the fact that in a world of frequently broken and misplaced mobile devices, ProtectCELL has their backs.”

Source: ProtectCELL

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