“In poker, when someone is telling you something without telling you something about their hand, it’s called a ‘tell”.’ And everyone, even those of us that think we’re the best gamblers in history, has a tell,” Quoth the Raven writes for Seeking Alpha. “Tim Cook is no different, and his actions last week at Apple’s shareholder meeting – while saying nothing – seemed to really talk to me about where Apple is headed.”

“Tim Cook’s actions in the midst of a seemingly normal shareholder meeting, suggested something else to me. Call me crazy, but I think Apple is due to get aggressive again – real aggressive,” Quoth the Raven writes. ” I’d like to specifically note the part of the meeting where Cook said to the audience, ‘We want to grow more. And this morning, we want to unveil some new products.’ After realizing he had the audience’s full attention, he then said, ‘I was kidding about the last part.'”

Quoth the Raven writes, “In the midst of being scrutinized for lack of innovation, what CEO comes out and does something like that? A CEO who is holding a big hand, that’s who.”

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