“Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook sat alone onstage as he presided over the company’s annual shareholder meeting, fielding questions and detailing various aspects of his company’s business,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider. “Once the official business completed, Cook recited a broad range of prepared remarks and took questions from the audience. He also noted that within the next 60 days, Apple’s board would announce the results of deliberations on adjustments to the company’s dividend and stock buyback programs.”

“Cook also addressed the launch of the iPhone 5c and 5s, noting that the two phones both outsold Apple’s previous products in the middle tier and the high end, a moderate rebuke of reports that have insisted that the iPhone 5c is a ‘failure’ for not having sold even better than it did,” Dilger reports. “He called particular attention to Touch ID, stating that it has been ‘incredibly well received.'”

“Over the past roughly 16 months, Cook also noted Apple had acquired 23 companies, but added that the company was not in a race to buy up the greatest number of firms or to pay the most money for them, a quip that appeared to be directed at Facebook’s breathtakingly expensive purchase of WhatsApp or the similarly vast (and in retrospect, disastrous) purchase of Motorola Mobility by Google,” Dilger reports. “Cook added that Apple now has 800 million iOS users…”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

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