“Samsung Electronics Co is to unveil on Sunday its first wearable smartwatch powered by its Tizen platform in its latest attempt to distance itself from Google Inc and enhance its software and services,” Miyoung Kim reports for Reuters.

“Samsung has been jointly developing its mobile platform with Intel Corp,” Kim reports. “The South Korean company is due to unveil two new smartwatches on Sunday, less than six months after it introduced the Galaxy Gear wristwatch, then running on Android, to prove that it is more than just a fast follower in innovation behind rival Apple Inc.”

MacDailyNews Take: Here’s what the Samsung proved:

The Galaxy Gear stupidwatch: Without Apple to copy, Samsung is clueless – September 4, 2013

“For the new Galaxy Gear 2 and Neo 2, to be unveiled at an annual trade fair in Barcelona on Sunday, Samsung has not significantly upgraded the hardware on offer,” Kim reports. “The new devices, which will be followed by Samsung’s new flagship smartphone to be announced on Monday, will go on sale globally in April.”

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