“Apple Inc. is known for producing great products, like the iPod,” Ian King and Peter Burrows report for Bloomberg. “Now Google Inc. with its acquisition of Nest Labs Inc. and its Apple alumni founder Tony Fadell, is hoping it produces great leaders who can replicate that success as well.”

“It’s a gamble that has proved disappointing for companies from Palm Inc. to J.C. Penney Co.,” King and Burrows report. “Fadell will have to break the run of ex-Apple executives who have yet to replicate the iPhone maker’s success at their new employers. Managers at Apple — distinguished by its secretive culture and narrow focus on a few products — don’t necessarily flourish at companies with more traditional and cooperative structures.”

“Some high-profile defectors have already struck out. Two years after leaving Apple, Jon Rubinstein took over product development at handheld computer maker Palm and became CEO there in 2009. The failure of Palm’s Pre smartphone led to its sale in 2011 to Hewlett-Packard Co. Within a year, its new owner ended production of Palm software-based phones and Rubinstein left the company,” King and Burrows report. “Former Apple retail chief Ron Johnson was ousted as CEO of J.C. Penney in April after presiding over a 25 percent decline in annual revenue at the department store. His firing came less than two years after he left Apple, which he had helped make the world’s leading retailer in sales per square foot.”

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MacDailyNews Take: In general, if Apple really valued these employees, they’d still be with Apple.

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