“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I was a staunch Apple (AAPL) bear,” Ashraf Eassa writes for Seeking Alpha. “However, over the last year I have become increasingly impressed with the quality of Apple’s management team even post-Jobs as well as the company’s commitment to product innovation. These guys are the “real deal” and I think that the fears that I once had that Apple would become the next RIMM/NOK have all but subsided for me.”

“Folks, Apple is the real deal,” Eassa writes. “It has staying power, it has a powerful brand, and most importantly, it has a management team with great heads on their respective shoulders.”

MacDailyNews Take: Welcome to reality, Ashraf!

“In the news, you likely saw that CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple had bought back a whopping $14 billion worth of Apple shares since the last earnings report,” Eassa writes. “While I’m not a fan of buybacks that are not timed strategically, I think Cook and his finance team did a wonderful job of timing it properly and getting the point across.”

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