“Even as Bill Gates weighs giving up his title of chairman of Microsoft Corp., he’s poised to remain involved at the company he co-founded in an area of its deepest need: crafting must-have products,” Peter Burrows, Carol Hymowitz and Dina Bass report for Bloomberg. “As the board prepares to appoint Satya Nadella as Microsoft’s next chief executive officer, it’s considering replacing Gates as board chairman, people with knowledge of the matter have said. ”

“Gates would remain a director and be involved in product development, focusing less on administration, the people said. He’s weighing going to work at Microsoft at least one day a week, a person briefed on the matter said,” Burrows, Hymowitz and Bass report. “Gates championed Nadella’s candidacy during the months-long CEO search, a person briefed on the matter said, suggesting that the two will be able to collaborate well. Nadella is an insider who’s well-versed in Microsoft’s tools for businesses, while Gates was instrumental in building innovative products that ushered in the personal computing age.”

MacDailyNews Take: Burrows, Hymowitz and Bass obviously wouldn’t recognize innovation if it drove over them. Gates is a thief. A Steve Jobs wannabe. If Gates is more strongly in the mix, expect the copying of Apple products to again ramp up at Mediocresloth. And Nadella is the wrong choice for Microsoft. This is going to be great!

071003_gates“‘Bill’s product reviews were legendary, and Microsoft’s products would benefit from his input,’ said Todd Warren, a 22-year Microsoft executive who left in 2009. ‘My concern would be that the tech landscape has shifted away from the PC in recent years,'” Burrows, Hymowitz and Bass report. “Nadella has had leadership roles in cloud services, server software, Internet search and business applications. In tapping him as CEO, the board could be signaling it agrees with investors who contend the biggest shortcoming at the world’s largest software maker is a lack of top-notch, gotta-have products and services.”

MacDailyNews Take: Nonsensical. Mobile is whee Microsoft failed. That failure puts their whole business at risk. Nadella has no proven mobile experience. Smart longterm Microsoft investors – and oxymoron, we know – should march on the board with pitchforks if they give the CEO-ship to the server guy.

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MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, Mr. Stylus/Keyboard is going to work an extra 8 hours per week on “crafting must-have products.” What are Microsoft trying to do, get Jony Ive to laugh himself to death?

Gates and Nadella. Tired and Mired™. The Undynamic Duo™ is the perfect pair for piloting Microsoft’s hurried descent to the bottom!

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