“I’ve had iPhones for years, but I’ve never really been keen on using one that wasn’t jailbroken,” Killian Bell writes for Cult of Mac. “As much as I love iOS, some of Apple’s decisions always kept my iPhone from working exactly how I wanted it to.”

“Jailbreaking gave me the ability to sidestep those limitations and make iOS my own,” Bell writes. “While I was frustrated that Apple wasn’t making major changes to improve its platform, I was happy that I could make them myself using unauthorized third-party tweaks.”

“Then I started using iOS 7, and everything changed,” Bell writes. “iOS has finally reached the point where everything you need from a mobile platform is baked into it. There is certainly room for advancement, but the time and effort it takes to maintain a jailbroken device is no longer worth the few improvements you get by taking matters into your own hands.”

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