“I seem to get bored with iPhones, but keep buying them to test them out and compare to my other phones,” Matthew Miller writes for ZDNet. “However, after two months with the Apple iPhone 5s, I am more satisfied than I have ever been with an iPhone and my desire to purchase a new phone is cooled at the moment.”

“There are several reasons I enjoy the iPhone 5s with the defining factor being the quality and quantity of available applications and services,” Miller writes. “Like the iPhone 5, the 5s is a very well designed smartphone with metal and glass used in an elegant manner. The chamfered polished edges look great and the display has one of the widest viewing angles of any smartphone. I love that I can slide it into my front jeans pocket and carry it at any time without worrying about too much bulk.”

“I personally like iOS 7, maybe because I wasn’t a die hard iPhone user before the iPhone 5s and I wanted to see something a bit different from Apple with this version of the operating system. The multi-tasking interface reminds me of webOS and is the best I have used on a current smartphone OS.,” Miller writes. “As I mentioned earlier, the major reason I am enjoying the iPhone 5s is the selection of apps and services. Even though Android and Windows Phone have thousands of applications, I still find more apps and services I use on the iPhone. You can see a few of these apps in the following screenshots. While some of these are available on Android, some are iOS specific and the quality is more appealing to me on the iPhone.”

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