“Will Apple hold a special event within the next few weeks?” Mark Reschke writes for T-GAAAP. “In the past, CES would come and go, and then Apple would swoop in the following week with their own special event, sucking the media attention completely away from the varied vaporware revealed in Las Vegas.”

“Over the past three years, Apple has shifted to holding more events in March, June or the fall timeframe, largely ignoring CES — as if irrelevant to the industry, and certainly to Apple,” Reschke writes. “Apple may be on target with ignoring CES, as it is often nothing more than a lot of hype and spec. sheets, with little for anyone to tangibly buy into for the new year.”

“2014 looks even less likely Apple will need to juice the market with something new during January-February, as China Mobile will be launching iPhones on January 17. The China mobile launch is as big, if not bigger, than any special event Cupertino could muster,” Reschke writes. “Apple would seem more likely to hold a special event around March, but for what is the big question.”

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