“Tim Cook officially became Apple Inc. (AAPL) CEO at the end of 2011,” Bram de Haas writes for Seeking Alpha.

“Because of his predecessor’s illness, the legendary Steve Jobs, I’m performing this analysis as though Cook started in early 2011. According to this BBC article Jobs took a leave of absence, but was still involved in all major decisions, at that time. You can easily make the case Cook only started at the end of 2011,” de Haas writes. “I don’t want to argue against that point of view. I’ve analyzed the data from the start of 2011 and you can make the final decision how to interpret it.”

“Cook is building on the foundations that were laid by Jobs. Sometimes he is portrayed as fumbling away the great company Jobs built or at least not given any more credit than being a decent care taker of the dominant tech company,” de Haas writes. “Is that really true? …Contrary to popular belief Cook is not just an able care taker of the Jobs legacy… The data is telling me Tim Cook is a pretty great CEO.”

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