“The other shoe to drop on Tim Cook’s ‘big plans’ for Apple in 2014 is resolution,” Anthony Wing Kosner reports for Forbes. “Specifically, rumors from the Chinese site Pad News and Foxxcon indicate that the forthcoming ‘iPad Pro’ will ditch retina in favor of 4K (as in 4,000 pixels on the longer side.)”

“A report from Hamza Kahn at the News Tribe based on the Chinese supply-chain information says that Foxxcon already has a 12.9-inch 2K iPad Pro prototype and that a 4K with a possible resolution of 4096 by 3072 is in the works,” Kosner reports. “The iPad Air’s retina display is already at 2K resolution (2048 by 1536), so the difference between 2K and retina is just a matter of terminology.”

“Having a 4K display in your hands is a good candidate for ‘big’ in Tim Cook’s terms and would create a wow factor that investors keep claiming Apple needs to restart its growth curve,” Kosner reports. “The really big challenge for Apple with such a display would be to keep it thin like the new iPad Air.”

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