“Ahead of this month’s debut of the revamped Mac Pro desktop, which can drive up to three 4K displays, Apple is selling a new 4K “Ultra HD” 32-inch LED IGZO monitor from manufacturer Sharp in its online store,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“The Sharp PN-K321 4K monitor is currently available in various Apple online stores across Europe for 3,999 euros [US$5477],” Hughes reports. “It’s also found in the U.K. store, but is not yet available in the U.S.”

“The 4K resolution monitor packs in so many pixels that it’s advertised to be able to view the content of four full-HD 1080p screens across a single display, all while reducing power with the use of IGZO technology.,” Hughes reports. “Availability of the 4K display through Apple comes as the company is preparing to launch a revamped cylindrical Mac Pro desktop this month. Apple has boasted that the computer, which will start at $2,999, will be capable of driving up to three 4K screens.”

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