“Apple’s 2013 acquisition spree continued this week. The iPhone maker reportedly purchased search analytics firm Topsy for ‘more than $200 million,'” Maureen Farrell reports for The Wall Street Journal. “On his third quarter conference call, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that the company had made 15 acquisitions in 2013.”

“Dealogic tracked down 10 of the companies purchased by Apple this year. Apple typically keeps it acquisitions quiet and rarely discloses a purchase price,” Farrell reports. “Here’s a rundown of what Apple is getting from its busy year.”

Maps: WiFiSLAM, HopStop.com, Locationary, and Embark
Chips (semiconductors): Passif Semiconductor, PrimeSense, and AlgoTrim
Data: Topsy
Others: Matcha.tv and Cue

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