“Nothing stops the ever-churning Apple rumor mill,” Mike Schuster writes for Minyanville. “Already there are some rumors and theories as to what Apple will deliver in the next year. Some predict simple improvements to existing features, while other improvements could redefine what makes an iPhone an iPhone.

“Rumor has it that the upcoming iPhone 6 may be given an expansion to show off those Retina Displays. Prototypes sporting 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screens are allegedly being tested, meaning one (or both!) could make its way to consumers’ hands,” Schuster writes. “Also, the next generation of the TouchID sensor may become a tiny trackpad, adding an extra layer to the iOS UI.”

“Rumor has it that the iPhone 6 will not only ditch the Gorilla Glass screen for the scratch-resistant sapphire coating found on the current TouchID [sic] sensor, but it will also be completely covered in the protective layer, making the entire iPhone case as scratch-proof as its screen,” Schuster writes. “Up until the release of the iPhone 4S, Apple maintained a summer release date for each new model. But since 2011, the iPhone has held an autumnal setting for its grand debut. That all might change, however, with the iPhone 6, as analyst speculation puts its release back into the mid-2014 summer season.”

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