“In 2001, Apple started making all of its products white,” Jay Yarow reports. “This happened even though Steve Jobs was not a fan of the idea.”

“‘Initially, Jobs’s instincts were against white products,’ says Leander Kahney in his new book, Jony Ive, The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products,” Yarow reports. “Jony Ive, Apple’s design leader was in favor of white products.”

“He started making Apple’s products white partially in reaction to the colorful phase Apple went through with the translucent plastic iMac,” Yarow reports. “When Apple’s designers were presenting products to Jobs he reflexively disliked white initially. So, Apple’s designers tried to come up with colors that were close to white without being white to make him happy. The designers came up with cloud white, snow white, glacial white, and moon gray, which looked like it was white, but was really grey. Jobs liked the moon gray, and approved it for a keyboard, says Kahney. Moon gray also ended up being used in the cords on iPod ear phones, even though most people called the cords white.”

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MacDailyNews Note: “Moon gray” is also currently the cable color of every Lightning cable Apple ships, Thunderbolt cables, every MacBook Air and Pro power cable, and more.