“This week we saw disappointing sales of the ‘world’s first’ curved screen smartphone, Samsung’s Galaxy Round, and to be honest, it doesn’t come as much of a shock,” Lee Bell writes fro The Inquirer. “If Samsung’s apparent attempt at gaining publicity with the tagline, “the first curved display” wasn’t enough to make me think the whole concept isn’t a complete and utter gimmick, then the leaked Galaxy Round sales figures of under 10,000 over a month after launch definitely was.”

“The launch seemed like just an attempt for the firm to steal a march on LG, which just days later announced its first curved screen smartphone, the G Flex, or be ‘the first’ irrespective of what it is the firm’s trying to achieve,” Bell writes. “Don’t get me wrong. There are in fact some benefits to a curved display on smartphones. The small curvature is the key to a series of optical effects that mean light is reflected away from your eyes, thus reducing glare. This is said to improve the readability of the display.”

Bell writes, “I think the only way curved screen smartphones will catch on is if Apple integrates the tech into its smartphone ecosystem as standard and not as an alternative to its flagship, like Samsung has with the Galaxy Round. Consumers trust Apple to provide a limited but reliable choice of handsets, unlike Samsung, which could be accused of drowning the market with devices.”

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