“I guess you could say that I was quite the fan of Google Chrome,” Federico Viticci writes for MacStories. “Before switching to Chrome last year, I didn’t have a ‘favorite’ browser or ‘browser of choice’: I just kept jumping between Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, trying out all the features that the three major players had to offer on OS X. I’m pretty sure that, at one point, I even tried to go a full week with using Opera.”

“A few weeks after publishing my review of iOS 7, I decided to uninstall Chrome from all my devices and move back to Safari as my main and only browser on my iPhone, iPad, and two Macs,” Viticci writes. “I’m not looking back… MacStories readers and The Prompt listeners have asked about my seemingly sudden decision to stop using Chrome and go back to Safari. That’s a legitimate question – I was the one evangelizing Chrome and its feature set, criticizing Safari and Apple’s choices with iOS 6.”

“I don’t have a problem with Chrome the app; I have a problem with Google the company behind the browser,” Viticci writes. “For me, Google has crossed the creepy line… Google’s technologies are seriously impressive, but they revolve around business models and motivations of which I’ve had too much.”

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