“Apple has a little gift coming that we won’t be privy to see until well after the holiday quarter has ended — that gift is going to be margins,” Quoth the Raven rites for Seeking Alpha.

“Despite what sensationalistic headlines come out with regard to competition from Samsung and Microsoft, most Apple bulls don’t really even see these two companies as a threat; simply due to the panache that Apple products seem to carry with them. They are often categorized as the ‘luxury’ technology brand,” QTR writes. “for Apple, where the margins are closely scrutinized, we could start to see a bit of a sea change in the Q4 quarter, as the [iPad] Air gets its first real chance to make an impact in Apple’s financials.”

QTR writes, “I’m bullish on Apple long term still, as I believe they’re likely to have yet another impressive holiday quarter. But, I predict the margins could be the catalyst that’s going to give the stock a major upward push to start the new year.”

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