“If your growing weariness of being constantly tethered to the internet has become overwhelming, it might be time to scrub yourself from the social media sphere altogether,” Andrew Tarantola reports for Gizmodo. “Here’s how you can become a ghost on the Internet, by tracking down and eliminating your digital past.”

“Before you go hunting down your old MySpace and Yahoo Fantasy Sports accounts, you should probably go ahead and nix your existence from the four largest social media sites on the planet — Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn — seeing as how they have the greatest reach and the most information on you,” Tarantola reports. “Luckily, each service makes the self-destruct process fairly straightforward.”

“Once you’ve taken care of the four elephants in the room, it’s time to go after your smaller and older accounts. But unless you’ve been keeping meticulous notes on every single forum board and half-baked social site you’ve ever joined, you’re going to need to spend a fair amount of time tracking them all down,” Tarantola reports. “Luckily, there are tools for that.”

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