“Mavericks Notification Center does not natively handle RSS feeds. Instead, Mavericks Notification Center handles push notifications by website developers who have registered with Apple and created the proper ‘Push Package’ on their server,” E. Werner Reschke writes for T-GAAP.

“This was a major disappointment to say the least, since as a web developer a major rule is not to develop web tools for a particular platform — even if it is Apple,” Reschke writes. “However not all is lost. If you want RSS Feeds in Notification Center, go to the App Store and search on ‘RSS.’ A plethora of RSS Readers appear. Look for those readers that support Mavericks OS X Notification Center. I’ve download and installed a free version of Instant RSS Notifier. It works great.”

Reschke writes, “The end result is that RSS Feeds now come through Notification Center and it’s fantastic!”

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