“Yesterday’s Apple results were fairly unsurprising, as the company beat Wall Street’s Q4 estimates with a $7.5B profit on strong iPhones sales, flat iPad performance, and a steadily declining number of Macs. But on the call with analysts afterwards, Tim Cook continued what has become his most surprising new tradition as Apple’s CEO: he explicitly discussed Apple’s interest in new product categories,” Nilay Patel reports for The Verge. “‘We see significant opportunities,’ he said, ‘in both current product categories and new ones.'”

“That’s the second time Cook has mentioned new product categories on an earnings call — in April, he teased a ‘lot more surprises in the works,’ including ‘the potential of exciting new product categories,'” Patel reports. “And looking back over Cook’s two years leading Apple, there have been very specific discussion of new products the entire time, although Cook has yet to deliver any.”

“It’s been over two years of Tim Cook and Apple discussing or leaking new product categories, with nothing to show for it thus far. But Cook is one of the most polished and rehearsed executives in the entire world — he says things for a reason. Why all this talk of new products?” Patel reports. “In a word: growth.”

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