“Apple’s OS X Mavericks rollout, though not perfect, has been pretty darned smooth,” FairerPlatform reports. “Of the relatively few issues that pop up repeatedly, the Mavericks SMB2 connection problem is perhaps the most vexing. Although there isn’t fix yet, there are workarounds.”

“The issue likely stems from the fact that Apple has made major changes to how computers connect to each other in OS X 10.9. Specifically, with Mavericks, Apple is transitioning away from the AFS (Apple Filing System) and SMB1 protocols in favor of the SMB2 standard used in Windows and Linux,” FairerPlatform reports. “Yes, AFS and SMB1 are both still in Apple’s network stack, for compatibility with older machines, but SMB2 is now the default.”

FairerPlatform reports, “Again, although there isn’t a fix yet available for these problems, Michael Larsen has written up the issue, as well as a work around.”

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