“For at least the third time since July, reports are circulating that Apple is developing a larger iPad, possibly with an attachable keyboard that would turn it into a notebook, a la Microsoft’s Surface tablets,” Michael Endler reports for InformationWeek.

“CEO Tim Cook has spoken critically of laptop-tablet hybrids. He dismissed the devices in April, comparing them to a product that tries to be both a toaster and refrigerator,” Endler reports. “Last fall he characterized Microsoft’s original Surface as compromised and confusing.”

Endler reports, “Is it likely a 13-inch iPad-laptop hybrid is the offing, despite Cook’s earlier misgivings? Forrester analyst David Johnson told InformationWeek in September that such a product has ‘interesting potential,’ noting that many people already use third-party keyboards with their iPads. Here are eight signs Apple is prepping a large-screen iOS product.”

1. Apple’s been thinking about laptop-tablet convergence for a long time.
2. Multiple sources have claimed a 13-inch iPad is in the works.
3. Apple is reportedly working on a power adapter for a new mobile device that will sit between current iPads and the MacBook Air.
4. The A7 processor will bring desktop-class power to the iPad.
5. Apple’s A7 chip could allow an iPad to run PC-style apps.
6. An iPad hybrid could offset falling Mac sales.
7. The revamped iWork suite could indicate a more productivity-minded iPad.
8. There’s a demonstrated market for an iPad hybrid.

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