“As expected, Apple has announced an event for the end of October, and the expectation is that Tim Cook and his team will be announcing the new range of iPads, along with more details on OS X Mavericks and the Mac Pro,” Ewan Spence reports for Forbes.

“The focus will be on the former, and what Apple decide to do with their tablet computers. Bumping the full sized iPad up to a 64-bit A7 CPU and adding the M7 motion chip is predictable, but many people will be watching the iPad Mini to see if it moves up two steps to the A7 chip, or sticks to a single step up from an A5 to an A6 CPU, matching the iPhone 5c in the process,” Spence reports. “What’s clear is that everyone is going to be talking about the iPad in the news cycle, and there’s not going to be a lot of room to talk about tablets from anyone else.”

Spence reports, “It’s a bit of a downer for Microsoft, as October 22nd is also the day that the Surface 2 RT goes on sale in the United States. It’s also a bit of a downer for Nokia. Over in Abu Dhabi is the final ‘Nokia World’ before Nokia’s devices and services team pick up their paycheque from Microsoft. It’s widely expected that Nokia will be announcing a ‘phablet’ Windows Phone 8 device alongside their first Windows 8 RT tablet.”

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