“We started piecing this data together back in July, and even had conversations with both silicon vendors and OEMs about getting it to stop,” Anand Lal Shimpi and Brian Klug report for AnandTech.

“With the exception of Apple and Motorola, literally every single OEM we’ve worked with ships (or has shipped) at least one device that runs this silly CPU optimization. It’s possible that older Motorola devices might’ve done the same thing, but none of the newer devices we have on hand exhibited the behavior,” Lal Shimpi and Klug report. “It’s a systemic problem that seems to have surfaced over the last two years, and one that extends far beyond Samsung.”

“As we mentioned back in July, all of this is wrong and really isn’t worth the minimal effort the OEMs put into even playing these games. If I ran the software group at any of these companies running the cost/benefit analysis on chasing these optimizations vs. negativity in the press it’d be an easy decision (not to mention the whole morality argument),” Lal Shimpi and Klug report. ” It’s also worth pointing out that nearly almost all Android OEMs are complicit in creating this mess. We singled out Samsung for the initial investigation as they were doing something unique on the GPU front that didn’t apply to everyone else, but the CPU story (as we mentioned back in July) is a widespread problem.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Have fun trying to fake a 64-bit OS on a 64-bit chip, sleazebags.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “macnut222” for the heads up.]

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