“France’s finance ministry is investigating the conditions that Apple imposes on mobile operators that sell its smartphones, according to French media BFMTV,” Leila Abboud and Noelle Mennella report for Reuters.

“An administrative body known as the DGCCRF, which is tasked with consumer protection and assuring competition, is looking into a variety of clauses in Apple’s contracts with mobile operators, including sales volume requirements, advertising restrictions, and commissions given to sales staff,” Abboud and Mennella report. “Operators such as France’s Orange and Vivendi’s SFR have often complained in private about the sway that Apple holds in negotiations since no operator could afford not to have the iPhone in its line-up.”

MacDailyNews Take: If the carriers don’t like the terms, why did they sign the contracts?

Who said all parties have to be equal in negotiations? Apple is dominant and imposes its will for a reason: They earned it. Apple invented the iPhone, not the dumb pipes. The job of the dumb pipes is to sign on the dotted line and then deliver on the terms Apple dictates or, failing that, to pay Apple the penalties for their failures. Period. Have a nice day, stiflingly imbecilic French alphabet soup bureaucracies.

Abboud and Mennella report, “In March, it also emerged that the European Union is looking into potential antitrust violations involving the distribution of Apple iPhones and iPads, after receiving what sources said were informal complaints from telecoms operators.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If the carriers have a problem, then they are welcome to go it alone without the iPhone. Ask DoCoMo and T-Mobile USA how much fun that is.

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