“Probably between 9am-12pm Pacific time, Apple will drop iOS 7 release to the public,” Jeff Lauterette writes for Mid Atlantic Consulting. “Are you ready?”

“The most important thing to do is to backup your phone to your computer,” Lauterette writes. “Even if you use iCloud for backup, I would backup this one time to your mac by going to iTunes with your phone plugged in and click on your phone. Change the option to backup to iCloud to Backup to this computer and sync You should see it backup.”

“Once backed up you can run the update. If it fails you can alway restore back to that backup,” Lauterette writes. “Although a lot of things will work the same, there are a few bugs. And please note that due to a rush, iOS 7 still has a lot of bugs and if you don’t mind waiting, you may want to wait until 7.01. But if you don’t mind some crashes and the need to reboot your phone, you should be ok.”

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