“I have had an Apple iPhone since 2008,” Greg Muender writes for Medium. “s a 3x startup guy, my iPhone has been crucial to my productivity. Oh iPhone, building Qwake would be nearly impossible without you as my trusty companion.”

“I had no intention of jumping ship to Android until recently,” Muender writes. “I had been scarred from a brief stint with an Android on an extra cell phone a few years ago, but I concluded that by now it was a capable platform even former iOS users could appreciate.”

“Let me be clear that I found nothing in particluar wrong with the Android device. (Except maybe the keyboard, that really was a pain.) Simply put, it lacked the magic that Apple products are known for,” Muender writes. “Robust and capable, yes, refined and simple, no. It’s hard to quantify what magic is, but I can decidedly say that Apple has much more of it.”

Muender writes, “I don’t want to consistently feel like there is more to do on my phone. I’m busy enough in my life, and having my phone as a constant, instead of a variable, is worth sacrificing the flexibility that Android devices provide. Like never before I have an immense appreciation for the amazing and unparalleled products that Apple builds. As I’m writing this, I’m boxing up my HTC One to send back to Amazon and will be preordering my iPhone 5S on September 20.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ed Oest” for the heads up.]