“Since I first set foot in Asia more than 25 years ago I’ve become highly aware of the many cultural superstitions; perhaps the most pronounced of these revolve around colors,” Tim Bajarin writes for PC Magazine. “For example, in China and much of Asia, red represents good luck so the more red people have in their homes and businesses, the luckier they will be.”

“Another color often present is gold — you’ll see gold trimmings and gold-and-red striped wallpaper everywhere. I’ve visited during the Chinese New Year and observed parents giving their kids red envelopes with gold paper coins in them,” Bajarin writes. “In this tradition, the gold represents wealth and prosperity so naturally people want to be surrounded by it. And if you ever go shopping in Hong Kong, you’ll see gold jewelry stores almost everywhere in the core-shopping district of Chim Sha Chui.”

Bajarin writes, “Now Apple wants to capitalize on this custom. Some analysts expect the new brightly colored iPhone 5Cs will thrive in emerging markets and especially in China, but I believe the gold iPhone 5S will become the biggest seller among China’s growing upper-middle class. In fact, once it ships in China, I suspect it will become the most aspirational smartphone in the higher-end market.”

Much more – recommended as usual – in the full article here.

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