“I contend the biggest story to come out of last week’s Apple launch, and which almost no one is discussing, is the breadth of the assault Apple is readying for the enterprise, Microsoft’s final stronghold,” Brian S. Hall writes for TechPinions.

“Free iWork — with secure cloud included. The very best smartphone (and tablet). A secure ecosystem that welcomes enterprise-class apps. Working fingerprint identification. An M7 motion chip can both support and foster the healthcare, logistics and wearable computer industries,” Hall writes. “‘Desktop class architecture’ inside mobile devices. Yes, Apple gleefully reiterated the world ‘desktop.’ True end-to-end ownership of the hardware and software, delivering the best reliability, customer support and security. The premier software developer community and the very best, most accessible, most secure software distribution platform. Yes, these all belong to Apple.”

Hall writes, “The PC is a relic of the 20th century. The smartphone is the computer. No one, still, is even close to Apple in this regard.”

Much more, including why Apple won’t make a budget-priced iPhone, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: One of the best things about this is that Microsoft never saw it coming and, quite possibly, still doesn’t.

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