“I’m sure Tim Cook is hugely competent, a wonderful operating executive, and a real nice guy,” Fraser P. Seitel writes for Fortune. “But as CEO of the world’s most respected high-tech franchise, he has been an unmitigated disaster.”

“In the two years since Cook assumed the reins of Apple from iconic Steve Jobs, the new CEO has presided, shockingly, over the dismantling of Apple’s pristine reputation for innovation and the crumbling of Apple’s high-flying stock,” Seitel writes. “Cook’s latest catastrophe came Tuesday, when, with typically-unbridled Apple anticipation before a packed media house in Cupertino, he personally announced what was billed as ‘Apple’s next big thing.’ Only it wasn’t.”

Seitel writes, “what has caused Apple’s fortunes to tumble? Two words: Public relations.

“Not only has Apple’s public relations gotten worse under Mr. Cook, it’s also starting to lose its marketing touch; so much so that with Apple’s stock back down 33% from its peak, investors are once again calling for the CEO’s scalp,” Seitel writes. “What can the confused Cook do to prevent the ignominy of getting canned and having to slink away with nothing but his $378 million compensation package as comfort?”

How ’bout these for starters:
• Take your “image” seriously.
• Meet the media.
• Buy a blazer.

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MacDailyNews Take: Again: Just because you don’t know what you’re looking at, doesn’t mean you haven’t just seen amazing products. Besides the world’s best mobile OS, a product that will bury Pandora, the birth of mainstream biometrics, a new higher margin iPhone 5c, etcetera, you just saw the world’s first 64-bit smartphone, for Jobs’ sake!