“Will the ‘cheaper’ iPhone really be all that cheap? If not, what is the real motivation for splitting Apple traditionally unitary product line? Older-model iPhones have been the defacto ‘cheap’ iPhones in the developing world,” Anthony Wing Kosner writes for Forbes.

“What is the benefit of addressing that market directly?” Kosner asks. “Increasing the market share for the taller proportion of the iPhone 5′s screen, expressed as two numbers: 16 by 9.”

Kosner writes, “The really important point about the 5C, I think, is that it will give Apple a way to defragment its user base and consolidate more and more of its app customers within the new 16:9 format of the iPhone 5… iOS developers are moving aggressively into updating their apps for iOS 7 and building new ones to take advantage of its capabilities. Getting as large a share as possible of the global market on the 16:9 format is a key step in preserving the coherence of the audience for those apps. And the sanity of developers!”

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