“When he worked at telecommunications consulting firm, Adventis, Raj Aggarwal met with Apple’s Steve Jobs twice a week for several months,” Peter Cohan reports for Forbes. “In an August 15 interview, Aggarwal explained how Steve Jobs persuaded AT&T’s Cingular Wireless to provide service for the iPhone with an unprecedented revenue sharing agreement.”

“As most everyone knows, when Jobs first launched the iPhone in June 2007, he cut a deal with AT&T in which Apple would get a portion of AT&T’s revenue,” Cohan reports. “According to the Harvard Business School case, Apple Inc. in 2010, ‘AT&T, the exclusive U.S. operator for the iPhone, agreed to an unprecedented revenue sharing agreement — Apple got about $10 a month from each iPhone customer’s bill – which gave Apple control over distribution, pricing, and branding.'”

Cohan reports, “Aggarwal, whose Adventis consulting stint with Jobs occurred in ‘early 2005,’ said that Jobs was able to pull off the AT&T deal because of his personal involvement in the details of the iPhone, his efforts to build relationships with carriers, his willingness to make demands that others perceived as outrageous, and his nerve to bet major resources on that vision… ‘Jobs met with the CEOs of each carrier. I was struck by the hands-on nature and his desire to make his mark on everything the company was doing. He got deeply involved in the details he cared about. He made it happen,’ said Aggarwal.”

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