“Apple [AAPL]’s Steve Jobs had the capacity to steer innovation to where the puck was going, rock star charisma and Broadway-standard showmanship, but he’s gone,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Anger at his passing became anger at the company, but Apple’s about to change its story — and its identity.”

“It’s a grief thing, all about those seven stages: these begin with shock and denial and them move into guilt, anger, depression and loneliness. These are difficult emotions,” Evans writes. “This process continues for an indeterminate time until those positive efforts eventually move a person into feelings of acceptance and hope. These are the seven stages most of us must endure when we lose a loved one — and a lot of people loved Steve Jobs. Even his enemies felt something for the man. He was extraordinary.”

Evans writes, “The thing is, it’s not just about the company. The subtext to the debate is also about the loss of Steve Jobs. It has taken a while for the investment community to make it through some of those seven stages, but now they look to the company to redefine its value after his passing — even if they do so subconsciously.”

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