“OS X should offer an ‘expert’ mode, where power users get additional settings and more features that might otherwise be hidden beneath the command line,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “This special mode can possibly be engaged in System Preferences or via the Setup Assistant when you first boot a new Mac OS or a new Mac.”

“Right now, however, Apple appears to be removing visible features rather than leaving them intact and adding more,” Steinberg writes. “So starting with Lion, if you want to visit the user/library folder to zap a damaged preference file or remove some other file to troubleshoot your Mac, you’ll find the folder is invisible. Sure, you can hold down Option and choose Library from the Go menu, but why? You can also make the change permanent via the Terminal. Maybe Apple sought to avoid mischief from Mac users who were in a little bit over the heads, but there are other folders on your drive that also ought to be hidden for the same reason.”

Steinberg writes, “The Expert mode would reveal those folders, system settings for power users, and provide other tools to enhance your Mac experience. Sure, a regular Mac user can have the simplified interface and do perfectly well, but maybe Apple needs to differentiate it even more from iOS.”

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