“Chirp me all you want, but soon — mark my words — the financial, tech and mass media will turn the heat up on Tim Cook and, subsequently, ask when will Apple fire him and who will be his replacement,” Rocco “One Trick Pony” Pendola writes for The Street.

“Apple’s Board of Directors went all-in Tim Cook,” Pendola writes. “That was a mistake. However, entrepreneur Nathan Hangen said it best in response to me on Twitter: ‘they’ll never do it. Too much pride.'”

Pendola writes, “But, soon, as Cook’s impotent leadership increasingly shows itself for what it is — a roadblock to Apple’s quest to maintain its dominance — the company will have no choice. Operating on empty rhetoric and turning 2013 into The Year of the Copycats with Apple playing the opposite role Steve Jobs had it playing in 2011 simply will not fly for much longer.”

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