“Apple is making sweeping changes to its mobile operating system in iOS 7, and developers are left in a situation where updating applications accordingly is effectively demanded,” Joe White reports for AppAdvice.

“According to a new study conducted by Twitterrific developer Craig Hockenberry of The Iconfactory, 95 percent of iOS developers are presently working towards adding support for iOS 7, while more than half of all apps – 52 percent – will require iOS 7 in order to run on an iDevice,” White reports. “As a reminder, iOS 7 will not support the iPhone 3GS, the fourth-generation iPod touch, or the first-generation iPad. If you own one of Apple’s ‘legacy’ iDevices, an upgrade – either to one of the company’s anticipated next-generation products, such as the iPhone 5S or iPad 5, or to a slightly older, less expensive model – may indeed be a wise move.”

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