“Samsung has admitted that developers were offered money to mention its developer competition on the popular developer community Stack Overflow,” Aaron Souppouris reports for The Verge.

“In a statement issued to The Verge, the company condemns the actions, noting that they were ‘clearly against Samsung Electronics corporate policy,’ Souppouris reports. “The company claims it wasn’t aware of the situation, and as soon as it found out that a PR firm was offering cash for content, it cancelled the plans.”

Souppouris reports, “Masking paid content under the guise of ‘grassroots’ communications like forum posts is commonly known as ‘astroturfing.’ Just as Fllu [the PR firm at the center of the scandal] is an agency working for an agency, several degrees of separation are common with astroturfing, making it difficult to trace back to the source, but, crucially, very easy for companies to deny… Earlier this year, Samsung’s Taiwan branch admitted that students were paid to spread negative comments about the company’s local rival HTC.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Samsung. Nothing is beneath them.

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