“Sensationalism is hardly anything new in the news biz. Death, destruction and scandal have always been good draws,” Ken Segall writes for Observatory. “But there’s a big difference between reporting about sensational things and misrepresenting facts for the purpose of sensationalizing.”

“At the very least, you’d think that when it comes to business news, a major news organization would go out of its way to be objective. Yet CNN seems unable to resist jumping on the “Apple is doomed” bandwagon,” Segall writes. “Recently, it featured a poorly-written Apple-bashing Mashable article on its front page along with the real news. Last week it descended even further.”

Segall writes, “Just one day before Apple’s quarterly earnings report, CNN readers saw a front-page story entitled ‘Apple to report dismal results.’ Those were the exact words — presented as fact, not speculation… Only when the reader got to the meat of the story… would he discover that this was all based on ‘analysts projections.’ … So what happened the next day? ‘Apple’s results top estimates as iPhone sales hit record for quarter,’ said the LA Times. Similar stories ran on every news site, including CNN — which ultimately had to report the real news.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This is hardly surprising. CNN has been quite broken for very long time.

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